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Entertainment activities, Movies, radio, tv, etc
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R 291 400
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R 1 000
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Reverse Auction
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R 500 000
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Major Daughter (Pty) Ltd wants to penetrate the business news publication market. This is an expansion project for us. The newspaper will be published fortnightly with increased press runs throughout the first year of launch up to 100,000. Sample distribution, direct mail and excessive marketing will be utilized to build subscriptions. The newspaper will be offered at no cost to the consumer with quality content. The newspaper will be sustaining itself through advertising. Successful execution of our sales and business plan will produce sales revenues of R2,639,000 in year 1, R7,590,024 in year 2. Net profit will increase dramatically from year 1 to year 2 as part of the start-up phase and steadily thereafter over the next 3 years.
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Major Daughter

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